Google Cardboard Hackathon


Globe Labs invites you to join a weekend hackathon for the Cardboard on January 31-February 1, 2015!

The Cardboard is a low­cost virtual reality viewer that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset. Cardboard is just cardboard, some velcro, plastic lenses, two magnets, and a rubber band. With Cardboard and your phone, you can visit new places play immersive games, fly through space, and more.


We challenge developers to create an app for the Cardboard!


- Education

- Travel/Culture (Philippines)

- Gaming

- Retail

Special Category:

We are also looking for developers who could create a Cardboard App for the Ayala Museum. Create marketing, games or educational app for them! Get a chance to win PHP 35,000 for this category!


1.) Everyone is welcome to participate in the jam! You may join as an individual or a group maximum of 4 members.

2.) You should submit an entry  app that would comply with the criterias.

3.) Registration is: December 22, 2014 – January 30, 2015

4.) Cardboards will be available to use over the weekend.

5.) Apps will be judged on innovation, design, level of fun, completeness and presentation.

6.) You could start developing now! Participants should submit/upload their app by Sunday, February 1 on site.

7.) Participants should have their own demo devices (compatible to the Cardboard) to present to the judges.

8.) Participants should be onsite for the pitching/presentation.

** Kindly take note regarding the strict observance of Valero Telepark Building the dress code of the building is Business Casual attire.

Though the following are not allowed:

- Rubber sandals, slip-ons or slippers,
- Shorts
- revealing top/shirts

Participants / organizers / volunteers who will not comply maybe denied of entry.

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