Makerspace Manila: A Builder’s Dream Space

What is Makerspace Manila?

Makerspace Manila is a fabrication lab and activity center inspired by the global Maker Movement that began in the USA.  It is, just like other makerspaces around the world, a unique place where people converge to make things.

Makerspace Manila is a bustling creativity hub that found its first home in the south of Manila. Apart from providing access to personal fabrication tools and equipment, it also holds regular maker-themed workshops and activities, such as the already-popular Summer STEAM Camps (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) for makers aged 8 years old and up.  In the next fewseveral months, the team behind Makerspace Manila also plans to roll out after-school programs, school tie-ups, private events, and open houses.

Makerspace Manila is already buzzing with activity as makers as young as 7 year olds churn out complex robotics projects which, prior to the makerspace, are only taught to university students.

And this is the mission of Makerspace Manila – to break technological and give the next generation an opportunity to be part of a technology-driven future through the development of critical 21st century skills.

Inside Makerspace Manila

Makerspace Manila’s present facilities include: 

A littleBits + crafts bar for tinkering and rapid prototyping.  littleBits is the revolutionary electronics building blocks from New York of which Makerspace Manila is currently the only authorized reseller and littleBits Education-trained in the Philippines;

A large open area for collaborative work and multi-purpose use.  It is also the space used for workshops, holding as many as 30 makers at any given time;

A restricted room (for 18 years old and up) that houses hand tools, power tools, woodworking equipment, rotary tools, and steel cutters;

A nook for semi-private use, whether for soldering of sensitive electronic components or reading a book from the makerspace’s growing library of maker books and resources; and

Ready-access stations featuring machines such as a plotter/cutter, a thermal press, engraving machine, photo printer, 3D printer, and laser engraving machine.

Robotics, game development, woodworking, app development, jewelry-making, professional comic sketching, website design, creative writing, watercolor art, 2D and 3D design and modeling, coding and programming – these are some of the things brewing this year at Makerspace Manila.

Makerspace: A Backstory 

The term makerspace has its roots in 2005, when an American team lead by Dale Dougherty published the first issue of MAKE: magazine, a technology-oriented publication that focuses on DIY projects. MAKE: magazine jumpstarted the global phenomenon now widely known as the Maker Movement, comprised of thousands of makerspaces all over the world.

Anyone and everyone can be makers.  Think of the makerspace as a place where people with a passion for making and inventing – hobbyists, artists, engineers, product designers, software developers, musicians, students, teachers, parents, grandparents – can gather to learn, share, create, invent, modify, improve, and discover products using cutting-edge technologies, basic and advanced materials, and powerful but readily-accessible software.

A makerspace is a hub for self-directed learning, a haven for people who learn best by doing. A makerspace’s hands-on nature, paired with many tools and raw materials, reinforces invention and provides the ultimate workshop for the tinkerer. The synergy among builders and inventors at these facilities encourages a highly collaborative learning stimulus that is best for team effort and for peer encouragement, suggestion, and support.

People of diverse fields and backgrounds can use the makerspace for discovering new skills, brushing up on old ones, creating products for business, or simply making for the sake of making.  The cross-disciplinary dynamics make individual participation crucial and constructive. Each one will get to enjoy the hands-on use of high-tech gizmos, and commune with the team of like-minded tinkerers. Makerspaces allows an idea or design to be realized into fruition.

You may find Makerspace Manila at 2F Bldg. B, Ayala Malls Solenad 3 Santa Rosa, Laguna. Got questions? Email them at or visit their Facebook page at  Their website, currently under development, is also at

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