TADHackPH Winners

TADHackPH winner:

Marte Soliza and Beato Bongco

TADHack PH Winners

About their app: AnYare

A telecom app that allows you to hear updates from your team anytime, anywhere. The app will call all members at a confgurable time and record their answers. This can be retrieved by simply calling the app and can downloaded through the web interface.

Winners won $1000 plus a trip to TADHack Summit 2014

Best Globe Labs API Winner

1) Team 98 Labs

Members: Raymande Leano
Mardan Tesoro
Erickson Leynes
Richard Malibiran
Christian Balagbag
Buena May Montalbo

About the app: CoNeeds

Coneeds aims to bridge the gap of experts and the people that are looking for them, with the primary goal of helping and the bonus of making a bit of money on the side for the experts. it allows the users to call online and readily available experts using the web platform.It also allows you to contact experts using your mobile phone by calling on a short code.

Winners won PHP 40,000 plus PHP3000 API credits

2) Team Huff and Puff

Members: Josef Dayo, Mich Crisologo, Karlo Amparo, Jofel Gallardo, Patrick Mariño, Tim Madriaga

About the app: MeetPlus

Mee+ makes the enterprise synchronized via SMS. Imagine your Google Calendar, your Outlook Calendar, your iCal- supporting server, even your most-of-the-time-unused calendar app on your smartphone allowing you to notify the people involved in appointments via SMS. Imagine the scheduled participants being able to say they are "go" or "no go" to these appointments with a simple SMS response.

Winners won PHP 40,000 plus PHP3000 API credits

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